What this blog is about

So I figured I had better write a post to explain a little about what this blog is for and what I plan to do with it.

I’ve been a big TV fan for as long as I can remember. I remember running home from school to catch the latest episodes of Redwall, Dinotopia and The Worst Witch. I would have long discussions with anyone who would listen about the differences between Pokémon and Digimon, and the various sitcoms I was obsessed with. Not much has changed in the time since I was little, except that I now watch even more TV. The both fantastic and frustrating thing about being a TV fan in recent years is the simply staggering amount of content. More quality TV seems to be available than ever before, and with streaming becoming ever more popular there is a wealth of options instantly available. I love this new TV age, but there is one negative. Most of the time finding something to watch now takes longer than watching the thing itself. This is particularly true when you have a vague sense of what you are in the mood for but don’t have a particular title or genre to search for. It’s a complaint I hear often, even with services like Netflix’s category system and lists counting down the greatest shows, it takes a frustrating amount of time to find something to fit particular moods. Best of lists are interesting and have good recommendations, but what about when you want something to replace a recently ended show you loved, or to calm pre-interview nerves, or to help when you feel homesick or heartbroken? That is why I have created this blog.

Each post will take a particular mood (e.g. loneliness), need (e.g. needing a break from studying or work), or category (e.g. a mystery without the murder), and list some shows that I think will help fulfil those wants. Each list will only include things I have watched enough of to know if they fit (this may mean there are choices left off that seem obvious to you, and I would appreciate if you would suggest them to me as they may be useful to others and I love recommendations on what to watch!). I will also try to have a variety of tone and genre in my suggestions to suit different tastes. I will also try for a mix of well-known and lesser known shows.

I’ve recommended shows to people I know since I was a child. I have always liked working out the exact right show for someone’s tastes or what they are in the mood for. It can be frustrating to be in a particular mood and unable to find something to satisfy that craving. I want to help find the perfect show for you. As a TV fan myself, I also know that it can be helpful in a great number of ways, it can be a great distraction when you need it, it can help you see things differently or it can be a comfort. I want to use this blog to give the perfect recommendations for any reason you may need them. Therefore if there is a category you would like recommendations for please let me know! I hope this blog is of help to some people.

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